a love aPhiliated

by Sean Little & Wonder Brown

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released April 13, 2010



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Sean Little Evansville

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Track Name: Hey feat. DJ Efechto
01 Hey

sean little: i thought i had it figured out thus far/ my used to be favorite artist is sub par/ the underground is so underground it's uncut raw/ what's the power of one cut for?

wonder brown: homie, you can't touch lives if you can't touch yours/ touch two, touch four, touch moons, touch stars/ love He who loved your soul before you were born/ and you'll see the proof poured from the wells of your wars

sl: spit fact not your bank roll/ like crack in the eight o/ a little taste for your face laced with the base/ vintage is intense/ know my intent in sentence for instance

wb: your incense can't mask the fact that you vent death/ with the same two lips you endlessly vent cess/ now music is meant less when you meant to vent stress/ but, of course, your lies bless the way that you vent best

sl: life and death is in the power of the tongue/ unsure the hour when He'll come/ shower in the Son/ scour in the slums/ devouring the crumbs/ on my guard against the yeast in the flower of the one's

wb: some kans walk with Jah to toss salads of ceasars/ to make us believe the preachers, prophets and teachers/ "flawless" but seedless, false doctrines and features/ forgot where they came from claiming they were believers

sl: metaphoric synonyminist/ flip words like a gymnast/ disturbed by the simplest/ kick snare and the synthesis/ in turn resemblance/ from renter to dotted line penmanship/ enter deliverance

wb: now we exit stage left the childish ways left behind/ to praise breath redefining what they swept as swine/ saying they can't be defined/ when they kept us from finding what they kept as a guidance for hatred

sl: to make bread/ draped in fakeness/ stay away from their press/ press play on greatness/ grade a what it takes list to make hits from meekness/ created creators create this

wb: it's not sacred cut forsakes make your play list/ take your pens and papers and paint your picture pages/ cause the cause be the blank thoughts on faces/ blind to the facts, man, lost in amazement

sl: the mazes cages made in foreign places/ poker faces sleeved with four aces/ big league minors wanting more from the majors/ played fool with the mule and four acres

wb: your song dropped on the radio?/ then it's time to pick it up, hold me down, listen up the wackness isn't giving up/ let it go, live it up, never stop your swimming but/ what's given in this minute will be taken when the tickings up

sl: tick tock this one's for hip hop/ whether we get props get guap or just flop/ and it won't just stop/ aPhiliated love/ infiltrated above not us making it up

wb: or if not, this one's to get God up in your "six drop"/ or when it's ripped off/ see, i'm a '95 legend, he's whip on one accord/ with the fact that most might listen while only a few afford

sl: cincinnati to san fran/ american band stand/ comparisons can't stand/ not arrogance a fan of my fan/ preparing this straight shot yosemite sam/ sean little is the man that i am

wb: overall, the affiliation is love/ when a "philia" is the form of a Philadelphian hug/ in other words brotherly, to be unconditionally/ where the only condition is that you wait, listen, and see
Track Name: When The Pain Cuts Through
02 When the Pain Cuts Through

wonder brown: i'm a hustler/ on the block everyday/ looking for a better way/ that's when i heard 'em say wait/ to get customers/ and they ain't trying to pay/ or at least folk that think the same way/ they told me to just wait/ don't wanna be that man/ that ain't gotta bite to eat/ so when you see me out on the street/ you better get up your weight/ love or leave it, i'll prove it/ keep it truthful in this music/ i won't stop if you don't choose it/ so don't tell me to wait

sean little: when the pain cuts through your dreams/ you can put your back back to the wall and fight/ fall from flight/ crawl and cry/ or flip your lid like poltergeist/ submit to the Lord the Christ/ this is my call my kite/ i'm serving up the bars tonight/ give it to you hard thaw the ice/ how to homogenize from nice off the mic/ to on the mic awfully nice/ lawfully righteous/ write this like a scribe to provide hits/ i come alive to a vibe like this/ divide him and i aqemini i miss/ why am i like this? / so when i'm dead and gone/ you ain't gotta lower your head and mourn/ i'm better minus the fetter of when the flesh is on/ until i see the crest of celestial dawn i am pressing on


wb: what you know about sweeping a man's floor/ digging through dirt cause the devil done damned yours/ sifting through hurt and hunger then hand yours/ over to those living to downplay worth in hand-sores/ trample life's work in search of the fast lane/ their misfire caught all up in the cash game/ wanna battle no longer privy to paths paved/ so you paint your picture pages with a masked shame/ and cover your blemish with your baggy clothes/ create an image that can't seek growth but homie your Daddy knows/ that what lasts is a passion towards/ he who places himself last and, above all, keeps asking for/ a back road for forgiveness in repentance/ cause behind closed doors is the entrance to what's vintage/ looking forward's the only possible sentence/ to not fall off, but run on and keep it endless/ ask yourself what lasts, look inside for more/ search the world in pursuit of life, love and the lore/ that at once was innocent, at any time reveals/ that the cycle never ends if you keep spinning them wheels

sl: the real world is a pain, welcome to it/ let go of your dreams they ain't gonna help you through it (they ain't gonna help you through it uh uh uh uh they ain't gonna help you through it)/ any day now you're gonna stop living for your dreams/ pump the brake and get into the scene (come on get into the scene come on come on get into the scene)/ nine to five is the option forty a week It takes money to make money money is lord of the free (money is lord of the free bow down money is lord of the free)/ wait is what i gotta reply/ as a man with a passion I'm rapping if not i would die (if not i would die as a man with a passion i'm rapping if not i would die)

Track Name: One Mo'
03 One Mo'

wb: know what i'm sayin, what's up with the around the way girl?/who knew that your boo-boo was voodoo/ kiss and make it better's what you said for your loose screw/ parading parts with your "dance partner"/ preaching bi-partisan politics as you prance harder (clarence carter, clarence carter!)/ parents weren't there for a bandage and a vanguard award to make your pants part for what amounts to cheap thrills/ no frills, deep chills, no bills/ smaller than government grants, and that's if she knows there's more/ good Lord, haven't you been here before/ as the cycle continues she knows what's only in store/ is a gasp from her beau peep, no sleep/ out the door she dances and there's no chance she goes cheap, though she's/ made in God's Love and claims no love lost/ she knows exactly what she wants and what it's gon' cost/ while she expresses herself and her toes talk/ her soul strolls another path where her hopes foster more than fashion faux pas/ asking for phone calls/ reach out and touch someone that doesn't roll off/ a zombie on the sidewalk, high on zoloft/ her goal's gone and took a wrong turn to grow all up in the business/ first giving them digits as an entrance to her village outside the city limits/ deep in her heart she knew she would witness/ the ugliness of men that wanted mama's forgiveness and repentance/ from this priestess for her riches/ that she would never see but needed to hope she'd envision/ one day/ somehow and someway she'd run play/ but right now her one was sundown on a Sunday/ one day/ someday she'd drive away in the sunrays/ but some man's pontiac sunfire's where the fund raise/ one mo'/ and she's able on the front porch/ with her child, thinking right now there's no one she love more...

wb: (because you know i love you) baby/ baby, what i gotta do to make come and save me/ save me/ ain't nobody loving you like a lady/ lady, ain't no ifs ands or buts or maybes/ maybes, yeah

sl: just in case you was shocked/ i was making you hot/ chasing the guap/ in your favorite drop/ the fragrance of pot never made you forgot/ you're a slave to the block/ behave as you ought/ on with the don serve the product/ give whatever you want, herb narcotics/ you want it i get it/ not running my lips/ give me some of your digits/ you're not one of God's kids He ain't never lost His/ He's a one night fling/ i'm the one right thing you ever had in your life/ not the average type/ status and hype/ magic and lights/ passionate fights/ accurate precise/ slick with the vocab/ cadillac cruise or call your own cab/ doll you're so fab/ boushie rouged up/ ill make you brand new you is used up/ i'm the million dollar man you ain't worth two bucks/ ain't got much to prove, but can improve you much/ please proof is in the pudding/ you ain't worth the investment i'm fina put in/ but i love you/ want the crem de la crem/ no pimp i'm a friend/ quite different from Him/ simple as sin/ love me let me love you/ me let you see what love do/ love me let me love you/ me let you see what love do


wb: it came to me in a dream/ she's like "leaving las vegas" or "casino", but swing low/ sweet mahalia's singing a love affiliated with patience/ that does not delight in evil or vagrance/ it does not envy, it does not boast/ it does not leave you wanting what could let down hopes/ it always perseveres when you will not hear/ keeps no records of wrongs and is without fear/ let's hear it!
Track Name: Time feat. DJ Efechto
04 Time feat. DJ Efechto

sl: whoa, uh excuse me preacher man. hey uh yeah my name is sean little, i have a quick question for you. um did Jesus actually say that? yeah no i understand yeah it goes well with the concept of the song and it’s a cool beat, i yeah i like the beat, but, i, i never, He never said that and i think that i too have the Spirit so if you could just pan that out for me i would appreciate it.

sl: hands smooth like potter/ move like clock work/ post every day on the block and i got work/ need no sleep need no charm/ need no feed need no warm/ built me when they build the city i mean no harm/ blend in with the concrete beneath/ teach code of the street discrete/ when your time is up me ring no alarm/ clock dough in front the police station/ price etched in metal no negotiation/ me and my man run the city/ internationally/ ain't a thing gon change down to your last penny/ (hey what it look like?) twelve for a nickel double for a dime six o for a quarter running out of time/ another one in line another one behind/ running out of time make up your mind/ see one color otherwise i'm blind/ equal opportunity all i have is time/ change in your pocket paying for the option/ to park on the block/ city wide hustler meter marking the spot/ change in your pocket park on the block/ city wide hustler meter marking the spot

sl & wb: the hustle and bustle of our (time) mean trouble and what once was slavery now seems subtle/ they teach now that (time) is of the essence when running is place is where they eventually left us/ we live lives like (time) is on our side and consistently collide with no peace from the piece of the pie

wb: hip hop and it don't stop a-rocking/ to the bang-bang boogie, say up jumps the clock when you got nothing but time/ time tick and it goes off about 9/ or 9 nickel when you hit the snooze button/ and you running like if you not you'll something/ feeling like when you forget to do something/ feeling like when you forget to do something (wait a minute, didn't i just say that)/ wishing you had the power to push playback/ cup of coffee and you're out the door, say jack/ don't forget to put the key under the placemat/ don't forget the timer to water your lawn/ don't forget to pick up a plunger to fix your john/ don't forget that you forgot that your wrist was worn, to watch out for the coming apocalypse at dawn/ a couple sips your gone/ 'til the evening brings you in front of the t.v. screen to preview/ the coming attraction scenes of your favorite reason for leaving your home/ to then pay for the treats of treason for knowin'/ you ain't really got time for that/ too busy running the race for cheese to be the rat/ too busy working hard to make sure you feed your cat/ leaving yourself with no time for anything but that/ that's wack

Track Name: Walkin' feat. Theory Hazit
Walkin' feat. Theory Hazit

sean little: ha mighty man i am/ i crawl i stand i walk i ran/ i thought i plan i talk i scam/ i was caught by the law of the land/ stuck by the bluff when He saw my hand/ paralyzed terrified because all i am/ could never equate to make pleasure from hate/ or better my fate/ then given ears to hear what the veterans says/ full amount on my account cleared by the severance pay/ drawn near the most excellent way/ love lingers lonely the Lord is furious/ and it's more mysterious then you're curious/ midnight marauders are purely spurious/ the sword is severely missed here it is/ wind blows where it wishes here it rush by/ ten fold suspicion not to be touched by/ the self-exalted blinded by pride/ need no help to hope in blind leading the blind/ and i'm leaving behind my nets and the rest/ walkin' in His steps/ let my yes be yes

wonder brown: they say the light grown dim the darkest right before the sun will start to rise/ i say the Son ain't going nowhere, He's just doing work on the other side/ now when it's my time to go best believe i ain't gon' look back for a soul/ til then i go/ walkin'...

theory hazit: got off the bus started walking down mlk/ made a left on liberty listening to mr. j/ keeping my pace steady/ i breathe heavy cause i'm out of shape/ looking both ways as i stroll past main and race/ no cross walk but i'm walkin’ with a cross bearing it/ my eyes on the sparrow fly like a sparrow carrying/ food for the youngin’ still strokin’ down liberty/ passing up ezzard charles central ave. and cinergy/ starring down the block looking for my worst enemy/ i see familiar faces smiling but no one remembers me/ good cause i'm fina be/ a star like atlantic/ when they call on theory hazit ima pause and make em panic/ with the Lord on my side and open eye as i'm footing it/ i'm somebody who are you/ not who you coulda shoulda woulda been a doctor or a lawyer or a crime boss/ when you have fallen down make sure to get back up and walk it off/ walk it off/ now walk it out


wb: knock-knock knocking on heaven/ tic-tock clocking on my bread 'til my death has been leavened/ on the rock, rock-rocking and we're steady/ top-notch, dropping all this knowledge cause to flop would be deadly/ hip hop-scotching on the concrete/ cris-cross crossing on my heart, hope to die with a heartbeat/ the walk's always walking right ahead me/ from the tippy-top of my head, down to my right and left feet/ walkin'...the path in front of my face is the knowledge that i'm a son of his grace/ wonder what His will is when it's the only something i taste/ and so the gun in my face is the dust in the wind/ another breath from the sky's enough reason for trusting again/ wanting to win, but the knowledge to lose what i hold close/ is no longer a difference from the do's and the no-no's/ so i'm choosing to go roads what most folk think impossible/ cause to believe and to live it is know that the impossible is probable/ matter of fact, unstoppable/ cause what's worthy in this journey is you could never hurry the potential that's infinite/ the 110 percent that i'm giving it/ is the ten from my mind, and 100 spiritually unlimited...
Track Name: Universal City feat. DJ Efechto & Kristen Dake
06 Universal City feat. DJ Efechto & Kristen Dake

Kristen Dake: Living free/ I won’t let go I won’t let go of Your love/ yeah eh hey hey/ inner city life inner city pressure taking over me/ feel the city pressure taking over me/ inner city life inner city pressure taking over me/ and i wont let go of Your love

wb: our universe is a city/ open door the grimy and gritty/ where what's lively and pretty suffocates in the litany of many/ similar to a packed jail with smog/ as a black, stale atmosphere, clogging a jog/ through the downtown district/ white t on a misfit/ stealing from a scene where it's ain't nobody witness/ much less give it the love from this wannabe thug/ gonna be drugged from police policy/ mugged as a problem/ claiming brutality to solve him/ like, what they think they understand isn't sodom/ in a bottle they bought him, allowed him to rotten/ put his picture on a bulletin, they think they got him/ his prints in the system, community missed him/ university overlooked him when he was wishin'/ as an infant, to grow up and be a policeman/ but the ones he wished to be hope he retreats from the city...

Kristen Dake: inner city life inner city pressure taking over me (feel the city pressure taking over me) inner city life inner city pressure taking over me (and i wont let go of Your love)

sl: now in the universal city debt is on the rise/ in pursuit of better lives/ searching for truth through embedded lines/ wise guys telling intelligent lies/ a sign of the times/ define mines by the riot and crimes/ survive violent nights/ it's a grind to find quiet in your mind/ rise and shine in a skyline high rise/ high off of the life like a pilot licensed to fly

wb: i strain and i sigh, day to day to provide/ for what's right in my mind but what's taking my life/ can't seem to place my third eye, wasting my time/ on that ribbon in the sky when that ribbon isn't tied tight to why my sight is blind/ all i know that my life in hindsight can't get by to provide/ to gain a balance while being a bride/ to budget, bugging and budging/ i love it/ but i hope it subsides, right?


sl: it's always profit to be made/ gossip to be relayed/ God sits deep in the shade/ watches broadway relate/ alcoholic sips his pain away/ single mother child in stroller/ struggling hustler pushing his pile over/ then high roller eyes over his own shoulder at iron holder or chrome totter/ little does he know the code of the opposite culture/ youngin’ taught not to pop and reload a revolver over the stereotypes he fights and buries inside/ what he writes as the stereo cries/ God's honest truth you are hearing no lies/ here we reside your eyes rise to the advertised skies/ cluttered in billboards/ that which we are in love with we will kill for/ you see the city lights and the city pressure/ once my pleasure i want to feel more

Track Name: She Said
07 She Said

wb: i wanna be together, i wanna be with you, i wanna be forever, that's when she said

wb: you know, she's the queen of my earth/ and cause of her, i was risen in birth/ and though despite our different ways, i praise and cherish her worth/ running this race, it seems half the time she's lost/ battered and bruised, and so i wonder at what cost/ do you hustle and struggle for the way you provide/ these contradictions of thin lines make emotions hard to confide/ things in a bind, you're there to ease our pain/ the past has got us stuck in this game/ though, same ol' same ol' lust, lies and illusions/ most times you wonder why she chooses/ former abuses and uses as excuses/ and so you throw up a guard and play hard/ but still swing around the same play-yard/ distraught you seem barred from finding your path/ and yet i wonder why we don't last forever/ bask together/ can't get enough of your presence/ coming from your essence/ it's of a sweet effervescence why i'm seeking your lessons...

sl & wb: she said
all i want is you, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you show me the truth
she said
i'd rather keep it real, than for you to plot to steal, get caught and not provide the meal
she said
your grown but not alone, an empty house is not a home until it's time to have your own
she said
i wanna be your lady, so if not then never maybe, but i'm 'bout to have your baby

sl: she said i agree we from different side of the tracks/ replied with a laugh, beside of the facts/ sparks fly like igniting a match/ as we reminisce baby do you remember this?/ met your little sister one michigan summer/ i'd like to chat again would you give me your number?/ she replied with a smile time passed i decided to dial/ first time we chat, you was fly at the mouth/ "i don't know who you is, but i know where you from. don't front don't play dumb, i know what you want."/ i could see you was tired of/ the games i retired from/ constrained by the lies of lust/ pain that we rise above/ invest months on the phone a quarter later we met/ my helper even then caught her making my bed/ worth every sacrifice i'm never shaking my head/ to separate us what it's taking is death, yeah


wb: though the love is kinda-sorta/ she' pumping my aorta/ wishy-wash to get me off the course that i've been brought up/ lifts me off the tippy-top and shifts me on the border/ of insanity/ on the stand to keep receiving torture/ i swear to sin and cop a no-contest plea/ to see where this could lead, of course i'll show i'm blessed/ see, but she's looking to me in hope i could be the answer for we/ and now we're standing at the doctor's for synopsis on her pregnancy

sl: my pearl said once she got a college degree/ she had to hoist up from the ouster olive street/ say bye to ky/ hurry from murray/ for she scurry i want her near me/ on with the story/ securely pops offered a spot in the suburbs/ we talk fly like lovebirds/ but moving minus marriage where she is from is absurd/ so another reason that i love her

Track Name: Don't Wanna Hear It Pt.1
08 Don’t Wanna Hear It Pt. 1

wonder brown: i ain't trying to hear a bunch of women gossiping

sean little: or a wack emcee saying hip-hop is him

wb: true dat, that's why i keep rewinding my crew back

sl: and why a love aPhiliated it next to that

wb: yeahhh, this here is hip hop so what now

sl: got a mic and a booth so when it's hunting season duck down

wb: blow, like buckshot but no guns allowed

sl: sean little and brown making them wonder now

wb: and we're truly for the kids so nothing foul

sl: which is radio rap nothing original

wb: ahhhh, so for now it's digital

sl: 'til we bring it to your city and get pennies for the physical

wb: you know the style, ain't nothin' sweet

sl: until we hear Wonder Brown singing on a beat

sl: which is what I wanna hear some more true talent

wb: which is us rocking a crowd ooohin' and awwwin'

sl: pearly white medallions pictures we smiling

wb: picture us rollin, picture you wildin'

sl: okay you get the picture we switching the gear

wb: more fact and less fiction is what i wanna hear

sl: and for the rest of you rappers claiming you near it
Track Name: Don't Wanna Hear It Pt.2
09 Don’t Wanna Hear It Pt. 2

wonder brown: know what im saying, im tired of all this, you can’t even turn on the radio.

wb: turning on your radio, save yourself those "baby, oh baby" flows/ i wanna hear something from the Dave, Pos, and Maseo's/ Kweli, Mos, and maybe Coldplay for rainy roads/ mostly to take me wherever the love could save my soul, see/ but the soulclap's been strapped for the gunclap/ dan dadda dunny, i find it funny we love that/ death trap, spun a web woven to run that/ when there's so many lost in the search for the one track/ run it back, walk it out, i need something talking 'bout/ nostalgia of the past and no future in your frontin' route/ yeah, the boomin' system bumping out the sweat sounds of pete rock beats/ poundin' your pimpin' out, but/ i heard they're only playing for pay/ so i paid it forward from boredom while claiming the change/ left to clef the why, hefty with mine/ and no time to tie trash bags left behind/ to sift the rubble of another heap of garbage markets, rap targets spend money on which artists act hardest/ back in the day, taught to act right/ remember they started to rap, but now they pack right?/ even the backpack rap claims the gun talk/ sweater-vested slick talk and slangin' the smut-talk/ playing the race-card for low pay when the fund's gone/ claiming the hate hard, then put it in a love song?

sl & wb: your endless hustle for dough
i don't wanna hear it
who's got the sickest flow
i ain't trying to hear it
how you can't take being po'
if it's of that spirit
when your whole steelo is so-so
i don't wanna hear it, homie

sean little: rap cats yap mac's and k's/ only mac they pack in their dame make-up bags/ once they paid with fame/ stack k's on escalade's/ blast paper frames at a range/ re-arrange in their statement/ with the strength of paper mache ripped/ the growth of your noses imposes you got pinochiosis promoting what don't exist/ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/ over boisterous i post no toasters/ cincinnati's own like larosa's or pete rose is/ the truth is beautiful the aroma of roses/ the tongue's power life and death they breath ferocious/ halitosis how do i expose this/ shed light liars scatter like roaches/ chit chatters quite bogus/ whether it matters to the novice average or posers/ i want more from these rappers and their culprits/ who turned culture corporate/ sold out sold it stole out more than they sowed in/ from semi's in their holsters to pennies in their loafers/ sip remy slow sit skimming where the loaf is/ a glimpse into my focus/ the skinny on my approach is to be known as/ an artist on his craft honest in all of his rap


wb: i wanna hear something, not from those that fear nothing/ but from those that fear something that propose revere nothing but God/ like-minds who know that steering is lost/ when your eyes show that sight's blind and nearly the cost/ for your lifeline, right time, wrong way, right idea/ that life's time to find why the wrong way is so severe when trials find/ no matter whether or not you're living right/ might as well be giving light to supplement the frigid night/ though most percentage are constantly seeking vintage/ they can never find the love that lies in front of their self-image in their eyes/ seeking stars for meanings of whys/ when what's wise is to live within the cut of your slice/ the code of the street is so incomplete and discreet/ don't do nothing when we all know there's defeat/ see, so we flow where the green means go/ but we ain't trying to hear how the streets be cold/ teeter totter tito rolls with his bandino/ swing low, the steelo representin' his people/ city streets illegal simply means that we know/ that he can make a dollar outta fifteen fritos/ running game, stacking chips in his regal/ frontin' like his position at night isn't the fetal/ keep frontin' like you're bugsy segal in a casino/ but we ain't trying to hear how another man can freeload.../ shut up!
Track Name: Right Now feat. MC Till
10 Right Now feat. MC Till

wonder brown: i'm sorry man, but we are some soulful brothers, that's all there is to it. right now i've got/ headphones over the dome for these clones/ that never could imagine that microphones would be sewn/ sewing seeds for His throne/ on His knees in the cold, hoping/ that He could see the season where we would seek hope/ in the promise of today, prepare for tomorrow/ fiend the needle-eye's forever for there's no fare to borrow/ though no shot for the vein, or popped-pill to swallow/ it's the chance we'll survive if ain't fulfilled to follow, so/ right now, i part ways with this dead sea/ in essence and exodus to see where He's lead me/ the promise land is ahead if i'm ready/ the seed of Abraham shed the deadly/ wages of sin, shackles of slavery/ right now i've paid off my credit card debt cause He gave me/ a chance at redemption if willing to change/ be what he created and that's break from the chains of bondage, right now...

sean little: ayo you can call it a front/ i have all that i want/ one bedroom paying zero dollars a month/ studio set up microphone in the closet/ mix with a band in my garage who would have thought it/ barely completed high school about to finish college/ free from the rap trap wanna be a baller/ gonna be this/ gonna be that/ gonna be dissed if you stray from the track/ well i'm off the beaten path/ better to starve chasing a dream/ than be a sell-out eating and fat/ so when i flow hope to be reaping it back/ wanna know why i proceed with the rap/ so when i'm old won't be leaning back/ talking about this dream i had/ life looks like, my Lord my lady my lyrics i'll leave it at that/ i'll leave it at that

MC Till: right now i'm in the studio with plush leather, couches/ teaching amateur rappers to hush better, ouches/ what’s up y’all i'm mc till/ who vouches for me?/ hands down i do/ sean little wonder brown my crew/ so many more but only my Lord gets to convict no conflict just get on board fish sticks/ i'm saying life with light is wonderful/ fully delicious, us/ yeah its us/ decided to do a tour, did it/ now is the time life is the now time to live it/ that’s what i'm doing deserving nothing i know it but show different i feel it hold it upward towards the ceiling/ it, pronoun for reborn in my soul/ how my life is complete still i'm striving still alive in the moment/ every moment twenty minutes west of denver/ hot for God arizona in december/ you probably don’t know what i'm talking about right now/ right now right now/ id explain it but the beat is about to drop right now/ told you
Track Name: Just Don't Know feat. Kenndra Lawrence
11 Just Don't Know

wonder brown: sometimes life - just doesn't matter what you believe or what you think

wb: it seems like "way of life" is under construction/ in need for love and a little noise reduction/ a little more you, a little less consumption/ something simple in between the plight of conjunction, still/ still sometimes left with the assumption/ that saving the less-fortunate is part of my function/ so when i'm headed for self-destruction/ i'm always brought back to these necessities of lovin'/ my mother, my brother, my aunts, my cousins/ birthdays at grandma's and other family functions/ children disrupting fifteen-million discussions/ on not to touch what's not done in the oven/ took 'em for granted never telling them i love 'em/ staying distant though that was never the presumption/ claiming no other with so much dysfunction/ when really that was just a youthful lack of gumption/

Kenndra Lawrence & wb: i just don't know
how it ever came about to come 'round then to go
(and so i miss you so)
i just don't know
how it's ever gon last so i'll tell you before you go
(that i love you do)

sean little: i still find it hard to believe/ on the day you died so did a part of me/ quite surprised my heart still beats/ when i speak heart on sleeve/ playing my part became hard with your part on me/ pardon me/ from little brother to big brother without his big brother/ now looks to little brother who looks to big brother/ and it gets much tougher/ when it comes to sydnie alexis so pretty and precious/ to keep her from all that is treacherous/ when death hits/ pain reaches beyond measurements/ thus far what I've learned the lesson is/ in the middle of pain is where the blessing is/ lest we forget


wb: moving on from the past got me asking why/ this could be a harder task when i have goodbye's/ thinking about all of the laughs and, of course, the cries/ when you just don't know the course of action passing by/ so i'm thinking 'bout the past and where i went wrong/ we went wrong, maybe seeking for a deeper song/ singing when the season wasn't really keeping on/ though we kept keepin', though the reason wasn't even strong/ holding on to the possibilities of us/ when it was really just where you and me would never trust/ whether it was in divinity or in the lust/ like we were caught up in the wind and if it would gust/ we still believed in the seeds of uncertainty/ instead of reaching for what He'd have our purpose be/ you prayed diligently for the Jesus in me/ when i rejected you, saw truth, and chose to flee/ and so, i thank You Lord for the hope in me/ for letting go when it hurt the most, for growth, to see/ if we became greater separate this week/ but know the next we were equal in what we would seek
Track Name: After Me
12 After Me

sean little: yo man i just you know i got to thinking and i i just wanted to pay homage and one verse could never tell the tale but you know here’s my shot at it

sl: you are the reason that i rhyme and write/ jayrob so nice made me wanna rhyme it right/ hindsight fifteen years young/ everything seemed fun/ on the yellow hello matching kicks and clothes/ dug playing ya shadow as you spit your flows/ your beat box alone gathered a crowd/ (uh oh) put some money in the hat pass it around/ what's happening now/ after the hot sauce/ endangered our bond/ that was my loss/ every man has a price/ popularity was my cost/ fly cars fast girls filling the void/ toss a head nod you was still my boy/ came back on some build and destroy/ from the brother you never had/ to my brother from another mother and dad/ thank you for all you taught and add to me/ i apologize for loving you after me

wonder brown: first of all i wanna thank You for your precious time/ yeah it's to You, but it is just another thoughtless rhyme/ another crime, or so it seems when all i have is words/ a rhythmic melody and hopefully enough to nerve/ and plus a city curb to sit on, to write it/ some krylon to cry it/ i wanna cry, but only promise that i'll probably try it/ and fail/ sorta like i did with Your mother/ a lovely woman, nonetheless, i wanna tell her i love her/ pick up a phone, pick up the pieces lost on my own/ supposed to be together, instead i pay the cost all alone/ kendall larae, i had to rub my temple today/ cause here i am with my problems like there's something to say/ so i'm finally standing up and stating my cause/ but the weight of the blame is what's making me stall/ praises to Jah, in Him i've consistently called/ for the walls of this jericho are destined to fall/

sl: so we both know that i was dead wrong/ dang what was going through your head sean/ how could you think to compromise/ well i wasn't/ i guess that those are honest lies/ the first version hurt her/ and hurt got worse the further it played/ you could have made your escape/ change came, majorly late/ said you couldn't understand it's the duty of an artist/ and i left you wondering what was truly my target/ darn it, how could i forsake?/ consider mine over your sake/ taint to the pretty portrait/ just another poor trait of the man you married/ my incredible helper what you can you carry/ i hope this helps to heal the bandage you're wearing/ from the damage of daring/ to love you after me/ opposing the plan of our pairing/ to protect and respect until the day He's appearing
Track Name: Prayer
13 Prayer

wonder brown: yeah, the fear of the past, the faith of tradition/ as i peer in a flask and hastefully ask for permission/ for the road to perdition, footprints in the sand/ to know that it's been in my mission to one day become a man, but/ what do i know, look at what i hold on/ to what truth i sew?/ spread roots to grow on?/ but shed what i've been shown and i push forth my toes on/ the very ground i put my own show on and ask/ for something new, fickle in my desire to trouble you/ with the ups and the downs, and the strain of a couple few/ affairs of the everyday/ yeah you've been there and done that/ nothing new under the sun that someone once asked/ and yet i come back, and yet you listen/ and yet i try to walk on water, and yet you fishin'/ and when i wonder if i should bother, i keep on wishin'/ that i could hear your voice over my own rendition/ i ask/ Lord, why do i require your grasp/ when you give me the free will to keep aspiring past/ all that i have been through, went through to get you/ to understand that it's what i bear, you grin through/ where can i find the evidence to remind me/ that from day one your desire was to walk beside me/ guide me/ give me only what i can handle and hide me/ from the fear of the past and the faith of religion/ at last...

sean little: dear Father Your Name i humbly say/ no longer appear bothered when i am coming your way/ you were breaking my pride i was running away/ you have made me alive now this one thing i pray/ glorify in the lives that You've made/ that Your lines are black and white never kind of gray/ mysteries and reason could never bind the faith/ being deceived isn't achieved and the bite of a snake/ is conquered by a bruised heel/ bonkers that you do feel/ rather You chose to/ gather those who oppose You/ for Your own pleasure own pleasure/ the full measure i will never know never know never/ no no no no no better/ than any other/ i am simply covered no longer sinfully smothered/ utter of another butter smooth and deceitful/ to prove that he's equal/ to You i will be true/ what choice do i have in the matter and what voice do i have as a rapper/ that is not Yours not mine/ for me whatever You have got fine/ ticking away on the clock time/ and from the bottom to top line/ from sodom to scott i am/ positive not lying/ the logic is not mine/ no bird can fall from a branch/ and a word doesn't return minus Your command