by Sean Little

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released March 6, 2012



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Sean Little Evansville

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Track Name: VS
you are listening now to vintage sounds/ whether youre rising out your seat or sitting down/ cant eclipse the sun/ this is how/ we gets it done and gets it out/ no prefix or pun or pistol/ pow/ we fixed the gun and equipped it with power/ art is artillery/ for those who are feeling me/ for those who arent/ well you arent killing me/ resurrected would have never expected that rhetoric would be leverage in them seven by seven sentiments/ said it meant it said it again/ said it again/ men said its sediment when I said it to them/ set it in a sedative and settle the singe/ revel in reverence and revenge/ never pretend/ clever is a relative to a devilish grin/ yeah better is relative but am i better than them/ like fresh well water and salt/ from the same spring/ its all beats and raps/ not the same thing/ im a strong servant/ not a lame king/ i write some bomb verses/ but i cant sing/ so i seek to play my part well/ speak to explain my heart tell/ whoever is in ear shot/ heaven is near fear not/ unless you have never feared God/ nevertheless the fear of the fox/ with no hole/ and a bird with no nest/ is known by His Holiness/ so when i roam its no stress/ yes when im home its so fresh/ when im gone my soul is kept/ the flow is an open breath/ frozen in a session thats closed/ x and then o/ at the end of my letter opposed to the header letting them know/ what youre betting is bold/ never fretting a foe/ onward pressing/ never letting/ go/ tortoise and hare i take the slow route/ sure not contorted i care/ no doubt/ pure not forced while youre on the course zoned out theres much more to know about/ the race/ its a marathon/ the pace/ carry on/ and stick to your lane/ my name is sean little i am differently the same
Track Name: Zenith feat. DJ Aslan
(verse one) ayo straight is how im hitting folks/ im here to play not use word play to get play or plays/ and after i say what i came to say im getting ghost/ riding clean not sitting on spokes/ providing the opposite of ignorant quotes/ this is what God given talent and diligence does/ does because the buzz isnt worth the fuss/ the rush comes to a hush/ and the lust erupts/ when the luster of love is rubbed and spit shinned/ pucker up for a sucker punch/ you gonna get yours if you say i'm in it to get mine/ so sit confined/ in solitary not a lot of variables or variation to the very engagement we engage with patience/ so pay the piper and play your station/ praise the Provider and hate the satan (chorus) now you can take the man out the street/ not the street out the man/ im a be what i am so you see what im saying (repeat once) (verse two) vintage said/ it aint gon be complex, gotta flex your own/ cant lean on the beat like a sectional/ raised round the mean streets of the projects fa sho/ just so you know/ i don't mention for merit/ see winton terrace was a different place/ i was a bit embarrassed living in winton place/ cause it didnt seem as hood as grimy/ it could be the nineties/ and raps i listened to/ which imprison impressionable/ lesser to do youth with immeasurable/ odds stacking against em/ no money for lunch but their parents got a package of winston or newports/ i learned about the birds and the bees from too short/ the nonsense is constant/ promoted as prominent content/ dominant bondage/ partakers are yoked up/ ask a part player ill parlay a bet/ he will say so what/ enslaved and so stuck (chorus) (verse three) the value of cool isnt valuable/ if you value a fool/ pump the volume the fuel/ dumb it down for the proud and prude/ come around crowd/ the crew/ loud loose/ wild confused/ stunt with their style all the while refuse/ to admit/ the active/ ingredient is neediness/ longing for belonging/ feeding a fix/ a median mix/ for the reason we exist/ to relate properly/ to the Creator who made pottery/ for noble and common use/ so the focus of my rhyming is the truth/ man i been where you been walked a mile in your shoes/ evidence of my offense is childish pursuits/ leverage to ignorance isnt denial or delusion/ so i got to keep it moving/ and the proof is in the pudding/ poof to the illusion (chorus)